Payment and Security

How do I know it is safe to shop online with you?

The Chickaz site has an active security SSL digital certificate making it a secure site. Also, all credit card transactions are processed via the Secure PayPal Payment Gateway, meaning that we do not receive or retain your credit card information.

What personal information do you need from me to make an order and what happens with this information?

When you place an order with Chickaz, we will need to know your Billing Address, Delivery Address (if different to the Billing Address) and some Personal Contact information such as an email address and phone number in order to process and deliver your order to you in the shortest possible time. This information is only used by our people who are directly involved in managing your order and will not be disclosed to anyone else. 

Can I shop with you anonymously (as a guest)?

When you place an order with Chickaz, you have the option of shopping as a guest or becoming a member, which simply means that you can create your own account with us (with your own email user name and password) so that our website remembers your details such as your Billing and Delivery addresses. This makes it easier and quicker for you to place an order with us in the future. In addition, creating your own account also allows you to maintain your own "Wish List" of products that you can send to friends or family for gift giving ideas. However, if you choose to shop anonymously, you will need to re-enter your personal information for every future order.

Chickaz reserves the right to cancel any order it deems fraudulent.